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MRP/ERP case studies.

We've written dozens of case studies of manufacturing companies from all different industries.

What is a 123insight case study?

We regularly write case studies on our customers, detailing what systems (if any) were in place before and the problems that they caused. We then cover how they found 123insight, their implementation process and the benefits seen after going live. Our website features dozens of case studies across multiple sectors, demonstrating that 123insight is suitable for all types, shapes and sizes of business. Note: We never mention competing MRP systems by name - we would rather focus on our strengths.

What are the two types of case study?

The blue-headed case studies details the story of customers moving to 123insight. The silver-headed case studies are part of our '10 years on' series, highlighting customers that have been using 123insight for over a decade. These showcase how the customer's business has evolved and how 123insight has helped. They also detail some of the additional benefits customers have seen because of new feature releases, which are covered as part of the monthly subscription.

Why are case studies important?

Every customer's usage and experience of 123insight differs. Without exception they have all seen knock-on benefits that were not expected when they initially selected and implemented the system. Whether it's visibility of expiry dates of perishable products or the ability to consolidate inbound/outbound deliveries, each case study tells a unique story, highlighting the savings that have been made. If you operate in one of the industries above you may well find a case study on a similar company, demonstrating that 123insight may well be a good fit for your business too.

How we categorise

We categorise our case studies based on both industry and manufacturing type. Case studies can appear in one or more categories depending on manufacturing type and the industry or industries that they serve.

Calling existing customers

We're creating new case studies all the time. If you are interested to have a case study of your successful 123insight implementation please contact us.