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Free MRP implementation book

Get your FREE copy at an Evaluation Workshop Amazon: Paperback - £6.99 Kindle - £1.99

The book is available to purchase from Amazon and all major book retailers. Availability free of charge at 123insight Evaluation Workshops.

Have you ever wondered how to take your manufacturing business to the next level with an MRP system? 123 Insight's Martin Bailey reveals the tried and tested formula that has helped hundreds of businesses to streamline their processes, showing what MRP can really do for your business.

If your company has yet to take the leap into implementing an MRP/ERP system or are struggling with existing software, then this book is for you. It explains and breaks down the methodology behind a MRP implementation.

It's well-written, easy to understand and extremely informative; it'll be valuable whatever software you decide to go with.

Dave Tudor
Editorial Director
Production Engineering Solutions magazine

This book will show:

  • Why many MRP/ERP implementations fail
  • MRP versus ERP
  • How to win the hearts and minds of staff
  • Planning your software/vendor selection process
  • Data - what to take and what to leave
  • Breaking down the implementation process
  • Managing the go-live process
  • How to measure success

Regardless of your business or manufacturing process this book is packed with anecdotes of real-world problems and how manufacturers overcame them, breaking down the selection and implementation process in an easy to understand, non-technical way.

MRP book cover - how to implement a manufacturing system.

Reviews on Amazon

  • An excellent read. Not academic at all - just real-world advice and an easy to follow step-by-step process that I think would work for most manufacturing companies.

  • For those involved in the Manufacturing sector looking to implement an MRP/ERP system then this book is a must. It cuts through all of the (mostly unnecessary) jargon and provides a template which is so easy to follow.

  • Very comprehensive information.

  • Very simple to understand process, well laid out.

  • An absolute must-read if you are implementing an MRP system.

ISBN: 978-1-5272-4926-4 (Paperback)

ASIN: B081LKBHJN (Kindle Edition)

Language: English

Paperback: 152 pages

Table of Contents:

  1. Foreword
  2. About Martin Bailey and 123 Insight Ltd
  3. Introduction
  4. What kind of business are you?
  5. MRP versus ERP
  6. Before MRP - your current problems
  7. MRP and finance (accounts software)
  8. Winning hearts and minds
  9. Planning your selection process
  10. Planning - What NOT to do
  11. Selecting your MRP system
  12. Decision made - now what?
  13. Back to School - Start learning!
  14. Hardware first, software next
  15. Data cleansing / getting ready to import
  16. Implementation - Data Transfer/Setup
  17. Downstream training
  18. Getting ready for take off - The Pilot
  19. Final Tasks before Go Live
  20. The Big Day, and beyond
  21. Measuring success
  22. Summary and Next Steps
  23. Appendix A - Project Roles
  24. Appendix B - Objectives
  25. Appendix C - Training Analysis
  26. Glossary of Terms
  27. Notes

Get your FREE copy at an Evaluation Workshop Amazon: Paperback - £6.99 Kindle - £1.99