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Manufacturing (MRP/ERP) White Papers

As a company that has helped hundreds of businesses to implement MRP/ERP we have compiled a series of free white papers to help educate and demystify in equal measures. Our Marketing Manager, Martin Bailey, has also written a book on implementing MRP, which you can pick up free of charge at one of our Evaluation Workshops.

Choosing the right accounts solution for your manufacturing business.

Regardless of what your business does or what sector you serve, any company needs a competent accounting system. However, many will argue that when looking at manufacturing systems accounting should be front and centre of its competences. There are strong arguments for accounting information to be visible from directly within MRP, but should you select a platform for your entire business purely because of its capabilities for your financial department?

7 reasons why ERP systems fail

ERP is generally the single most expensive software acquisition a company will ever make, sometimes costing more than all of the standalone packages a company may have combined. Not only is it traditionally expensive, but companies rely completely upon it. So why is it that many struggle to implement such a system, or limp along for several years using partial functionality before abandoning it?

MRP versus ERP

Many companies mistakenly believe or are steered into the decision by consultants with a vested interest that they need ERP over an MRP system. But what is the difference and where do you draw the line between those that need it and those that don't?

Changing the game

How the traditional approach of ERP selection and implementation places all of the risk on the customer, rather than the vendor, and how 123insight's innovative evaluation process saves time, effort and money.